What We Do


The work we do can be very broadly classed into two kinds: Advocacy and Direct Services.

Advocacy is when we seek to draw attention to the factors that cause or contribute to the problems faced by migrant workers as a vulnerable community. These factors can have their origins in social conditions, regulatory framework or corporate priorities. TWC2 also suggests solutions to what we point out.

Advocacy at TWC2 proceeds along several fronts:

  • Research and case documentation

  • Communications (with the general public, via the website, social media, etc)

  • Public Engagement (with schools, colleges, academia, general public)

  • Engagement with parliamentarians and policy makers

  • Engagement with media (journalists, filmmakers, etc)

  • Participation in international consultations


Promoting policy and structural change is undoubtedly a very long-term programme. Here and now, workers we meet have immediate issues that we need to help with. TWC2’s direct services provide such assistance, within our resources.

Our programmes include:

  • The Cuff Road Project (free meals for unemployed migrant workers)

  • Social Work (professional and volunteer casework assistance)

  • Medical/healthcare (ensuring ill and injured workers get access to treatment)

  • Wednesday Clinic (assistance for workers with cases in mediation, tribunals and the courts)

  • FareGo (subsidies for transport)

  • Project Roof (assistance with housing costs)

  • Outreach (when our staff and volunteers fan out to migrant workers at various places in Singapore to disseminate information)

  • Discover Singapore (leisure activities to promote mental wellbeing)